Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#WashDayExperience: Next Day Hair

For 5/18's wash day, I tried my hand at using perm rods again. This time I wrapped my hair around the rod instead of rolling once then wrapping once etc. This led to sleeker results and more defined curls. The reason why I did a perm rod set again was because: 
1.) I want to perfect the perm rod set. 
2.) I think that the set will help to minimize ssk and shed hair being wrapped around any ssk. I noticed a significant decreased amount of ssk during the first perm rod set and my hair was also significantly less tangly.   . 
3.) Because the curls are tight and the ends are curled, my ends are fairly protected from the environment.
For the next perm rod set, I will add product to the ends to get a sleeker result on the ends. I will also wrap the ends more tightly against the rod for a sleeker result on the ends. I am still trying to figure out how to make my roots more sleek. I might also try to do my hair in a grid. I recently watched Kimmaytube's video on parting natural hair and I discovered the importance of parting your hair.  You can check out the video here but here is what she said in the comments about parting hair:

So to the actual wash day: 
The products I used (the last product, a deep conditioner, was actually used on my nape hair. More information on how I take care of my nape hair will be discussed in a future post): 

I shampooed and conditioned with the E'tae line. I use the E'tae line and PT with Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor once a week, usually on Tuesday's. Tuesday's are my protein day and Friday's are my moisture day (I usually use Deva Curl on my moisture days but sometimes I switch it up and use Mielle Organics, but I haven't in a couple months). The shampoo has no slip and it does nothing to detangle my tangly hair (shampoo doesn't really need slip), so I do not detangle with the shampoo in it. If I did, I feel like I'd do more harm than good.
This was the first wash day I started sectioning my hair in instead of 4. This is because I'm trying to start taking extra care of sections of my hair I usually overlook. Just like this wash day is the first I especially paid attention to my nape, I wanted to make sure my crown got some TLC by sectioning the top, middle, and bottom of each side of my head.

Top, middle, and bottom of each side is sectioned off
  I apply the shampoo to my scalp and massage it in. I let it sit for at least one minute.  


 Even though I apply shampoo to the scalp, when you rinse it out in the shower, the shampoo flows down your strands anyway. 
After I rinsed out the shampoo from each section, I applied the conditioner. My tangles melted instantly, and although it isn't necessarily moisturizing, I was able to easily glide my fingers through my previously tangly hair. Finger detangling was a breeze. 
After the conditioner, I used the Aphogee 2 Min for two minutes (I counted!), and then I rinsed it out and applied the Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. You're always supposed to add moisture back into your hair after you do a protein treatment. This cream acted more like an oil rinse than anything,and it was hard keeping it on my wet hair (water and oil does not mix) but it did the trick.
After I washed it

 After I lightly t-shirt dried my hair (I read that perm rods get sleeker results if you do it on very wet hair, so I left it dripping), I started the perm rod process. I would take a section of hair, add product to it, and then put the roller on it by twisting my hair along the roller. I had also two strand twisted halfway down each section in order to make applying the rod easier. I applied by wrapping my hair along the length of the roller.
The picture above is how I applied the roller. I wrapped my hair (purple) around the roller, and when I reached the end, I went back and overlapped my hair. I tried to stretch my hair across the roller as I wrapped it (instead of keeping the hair bundled in one spot)  as much as possible so that the end result would be sleek.    
The purple circles are the hair bundled tightly against each other on the roller. I tried to keep my hair wrapped around the full length of the roller, shown in the pink circles, and not just a smart part of the rollers in order to keep my results sleek.

 Lastly, I tried to roll tightly and positioned the roller in a way that it laid flat against my scalp. 
The products:

The perm rod set:
I apply perm rods on wet hair


I finished the perm rod set at 9:44pm (I started at 8:30-ish pm), and when I took out the rollers at 8am, the set was dry. 

 I undid the twists at the root:

My first day hairstyle:

Next Day Hair 
So this is the part everyone has been waiting for. My next day hair!  
Unfortunately, the curls didn't hold up much after the first day. I need a good styling foam. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!
So because my hair didn't hold up well, I only wore the curls for the second day and after that I kept my hair up in a top perm rod puff.
I decided to style my hair as a mohawk for my next day hair style. It was on a Friday and I had a party to go to.

Because I'm still a beginner at this set, I like it most as an updo because it hides the flaws best lol. You can really see how not smooth the roots are in the mohawk. One day I'd love to perfect a perm rod mohawk.

Any suggestions on a good styling foam?
Any tips on smoothing out my roots? I really believe that maybe it just takes practice, but any suggestions are welcome.
How do you style your perm rod sets?

Thanks for joining me on this #WashDayExperience!
I can't wait to see the topics for June's #WashDayExperience.

The Wash Day Experience


  1. That Mohawk style is super cute! When I do perm rods, I two strand twist the roots once or twice then I place the roller at my roots and roll the hair around the roller. If my ends won't lay flat, I wrap a piece of rolling paper around the roller then close the rods off. I think that I wrote about it here-- and here---

    I hope that it helps!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

    1. Okay I don't do that at all and a I haven't event thought about that technique!. I think that would definitely help me get sleeker roots. Thanks so much!

  2. I love those curls. I love all the styles on both days.