Hair Journey

I first thought about caring for my hair October 2010. It was neck length (NL) and kept in sew ins I received from my sister. I had short hair most of my life and did not think it was possible to have long hair. I thought only those who have always had long hair consistently their whole lives could achieve it. Therefore when I wanted to start growing my hair, my aim was only shoulder length which to me was super long.
By March 2011 I made progress and got to shoulder length.
March 2011 Shoulder length 
I was excited and soon made it to below shoulder blades (BSB) length by the end of 2011.
October 2011 BSB
However, I made these lengths by using sew-ins and taking a ton of vitamins. I did not actually know how to take care of my hair. My hair broke off soon enough and I was back to shoulder length.

October 2012 Still Shoulder-length :(
3 years ago I purchased the Personal Hair Analysis by Komaza Care and received horrible news on March hair was 3-8 inches and breaking. It had cuticle damage, was over-processed, had mid-shaft split galore, and broke at the slightest touch. I took their hair suggestions and decided to really love and care for my hair the way it was supposed to be cared for. I have seen drastic results from caring for my hair. It was barely keeping Shoulder length (SL) in 2013 but by the end of 2014 it was bra strap length (BSL). Then the end of 2015 I reached MBL (Midback length), which is the longest my hair has ever been.

November 2014 BSL

November 2014 BSL
Progress!BSL to MBL 

My goal for 2016 is WSL (Waist length) and my goal for 2017 is HL (Hip Length) My end goal is butt length.
I love having long hair and want to help others achieve lengths they have never thought of achieving before. I hope my readers will take this blog as a guide for how to care for and grow their hair. 
-Kiki Raines

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