Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#TheWashDayExperience: Vacation Hair Styles & Maintanence

It is July so there are new themes for the #WashDayExperience! Today's theme was Vacation Hair Styles but I tweaked it to also include "and maintenance".

Because I am all for low manipulation styles, my vacation hair styles list may differ from what is usually said. Most hair care enthusiasts emphasize utilizing protective styles such as box braids, kinky twists, and crochet braids. This is so that the vacationer does not have to worry about their hair during the vacation. They can swim and have fun without worrying about ruining a style.
  However, my problem with protective styles using weave is that it is easy for the person to forget to care for their hair underneath the fake hair. Also, poor quality weave rubs moisture from hair, causing perpetually hair dryness. This can lead to breakage. Moreover, shed hair is unable to leave the hair while it is bound, and this can cause severe matting. Matting can also lead to breakage.

The above screenshots were taken from CoilyQueensRock' website on hair dryness. As you can see, protective styling with added hair can be more detrimental to your hair than helpful.

I have explained the negative effects of protective styles just to say that my vacation hair styles suggestion is protective styles--but with no extra hair added!
Your Vacation Hair Guide
My suggestions are mini-twists or mini-braids using nothing but your real hair.
 You do not need to wash the length of your hair during your vacation, but if needed, you should clean the scalp with Sea Breeze.

 If your hair feels dry, spray occasionally with a liquid-based leave in conditioner ("L" from LOC), and you can seal the moisture in with a cream that includes oil ("C" from LOC method), such as Qhemet Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Both includes coconut oil, which penetrates the hair shaft and protects hair from hygral fatigue. During a vacation, where you may go swimming, protecting hair from hygral fatigue is important. I also recommend as the "O" step in this LOC method to be wheat germ oil. Wheat germ has one of the highest SPF. It is fairly inexpensive and its SPF is 20. SPF is important to protect hair from sun damage. Wheat germ oil can protect the hair from both UVA and UVB waves.
Before you go to the pool, remember to apply coconut oil to your strands to make sure they are protected even further from hygral fatigue

The style: 
Mini-braids or twists with no added hair
The "wash day": 
Seabreeze spray applied to scalp
The Moisture: 
L.O.C. method
The Sun Protection:
Wheat germ oil
The Water Protection: 
Coconut oil
This is a very easy and straight forward method to care for your hair while you are on vacation. You know all of your bases are covered and it requires minimal maintenance during your vacation.
In this post, I touched on next week's theme--Sun&Swimming Hair Protection. No worries, I will expand on it still in next week's #TheWashDayExperience post!

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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