Friday, June 17, 2016

Tracking Hair Milestones with Curly Hair

Those with straight hair or who can straighten their hair are able to track their milestones using the length check markers such as shoulder-length (SL), back shoulder blade length (BSB), bra strap length (BSL), mid-back length (MBL), and etc.


However, if you prefer to wear your hair curly, this might not work as well. Curly hair has shrinkage, and based on curl type and size, someone's curly hair might sit at a different length than if it did if it was straight. Recently I saw a photo on Instagram of a girl with my dream hair curly. Very big and very curly. My hair curly almost rests on my shoulders but not always and not quite.

As you can see in the picture on my hair crush's Instagram (follow her @inkedcurls), she says her hair is a little past bra-strap length straight. My hair is a little past mid-back length straight. Because she has a looser curl pattern than mine, her hair hangs lower when it is curly.
Therefore, as you can see, the usual length check markers does not work for those with curly hair. (By the way, and I am being random here, if anyone can tell me what my hair type is, please answer in the comments lol).
  I am creative when I want to check if my hair has grown since I can not rely on how long my hair looks. I received inspiration from random times when I realize my hair has gotten longer and also this thread on LongHairCareForum called "FINISH THIS SAYING: YOU KNOW UR HAIRS GETTING LONG WHEN".  
Curly Hair Milestones

  • There are certain things that you can and cannot do with your hair.  When you realize you can do things to your hair that you previously couldn't, then that is an indicator that your hair has grown longer. I remember when I could barely put my hair in a ponytail. Then I remembered when I could only put it in a ponytail when it was straight. Then my straight hair ponytail almost reached the back of my shoulders. Then, at BSL, my straight hair ponytail reached the back of my shoulders. Now, my curl hair ponytail can reach the back of my shoulders. Although my hair is curly, I know it has grown because previously only my straight hair could've reached the back of my shoulders in a ponytail. 
  • How big your hair is. Curly hair usually grows up and out instead of down. Before, I could lay down on my silk pillow without worry. Now, my hair has grown so up and out, that my hair overflows the pillow and touches the sheets and the curtains that falls across the bed from the window. Therefore, although I have a silk pillowcase, I still have to wear my silk cap. Even if my head is firmly placed on the pillow, my hair will have too much overflow to be sufficiently protected.   
  • Other's comments. Frankly, the #1 reason why I know when my hair has grown is based on other people's comments. Others would tell me my hair has grown longer before I've even realized it myself. I look at my hair everyday and wash it every 2-3 days, so I get used to its appearance and length. Therefore, it is other people who are far more able to realize a change in its appearance and length than I am.After they have noted that my hair has gotten longer, then I start noticing the other milestones such as my hair has gotten bigger, it can no longer fit my PuffCuff the same, or that I can do more things with it than I could say, half a year ago. 
How do you realize your curly hair has grown? What are the curly hair milestones you use to track growth?

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